Santini has recently increased his effort to work beside schools and education programs in order to help educate the youth on the importance of incorporating art into their everyday lives, in order to benefit themselves, and the community surrounding them. Here are some recent examples of the work he has been doing. If you are interested in having Marco in your classroom, please visit the contact page, or send an email to


Hubbard Woods School

Winnetka, Chicago

After coming across an Instagram post of Jude Bamshad, an art teacher in Chicago, teaching her students about his work, Santini asked if he could join the class for a lesson. This small interaction evolved into a school event, where Marco gave a presentation to the students on his story as an artist, as well as how education plays a vital roll in his creative process. Following the presentation, Santini joined six classes to guide them through lessons in art and positivity.

Marco Santini’s visit was inspiring for all of us at Hubbard Woods School. His 30 minute introduction taught us that art is everywhere and we should follow our passions-wherever they may lead us. This presentation was done in a developmentally appropriate way so that the message could touch all of our students from first through fourth grade. Marco created small murals with our students based on words of positivity. The students were thoroughly engaged from start to finish. His message has continued to inspire all of us to spread love and positivity throughout our community and our world.
— Beth Carmody, Principal, Hubbard Woods School
Marco has a natural ability to communicate and his message of positivity literally shines through
his being and into the hearts of all around him... My students were buzzing with happiness and eager to listen and begin creating alongside him. As he worked with each class, Marco made it clear that there were no mistakes, no rules, only respect for one another and positive affirmations. His positive message truly inspired my students and stayed with them long after his departure....At a time when schools are looking for ways to socially and
emotionally connect students, Marco’s message of spreading love and positivity through the
process of art is essential, powerful and therapeutic.
— Jude Bamshad, Art Teacher, Hubbard Woods School

Boys and Girls Club of Queens

Astoria, New York

After producing a mural to redesign the auditorium for the Boys and Girls Club of Queens, Santini was invited to guide a group of students in an art-making workshop. Santini worked beside the students, teaching them methods of graffiti, lettering, and mark making. He also encouraged the group to explore their own styles while incorporating positivity in their their work and their life.


Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment

Brooklyn, New York

In a long-term program to partner with New York City schools to enrich studentʼs education with art, Santini recently worked with the BASE School in Brooklyn to combine art and education through murals on the school’s walls. Inviting several artists to join him, Santini painted murals along the halls, using art to compliment the subject matter in the education program. Santini’s mural is in the language arts section, showcasing the word love in 100+ words in addition to over 200 words of positivity.



Brooklyn, New York

Santini donated his time and supplies to paint his One Love logo on the doors of PS9. The project started as Clara’s Garden to commemorate a student who passed away from Cancer, but later blossomed into an incredible all-school masterpiece. Santini hopes that when the students walk through these doors, they will be reminded to live with love in their hearts and creativity in their minds.

Artist Marco Santini has been amazing in bringing the spirit of love alive at our school. His artwork on love has descended upon us, and we are so grateful for the warmth it has given us.
— Sandra D’Avilar, Principal, Public School 9